Friday, December 11, 2009

Trends in Public Relations

PR Trends
By Ashley Bower

What will the 2010 year bring to public relations? The answer: Social Media and Creativity. In these uncertain economic times it is especially important that the job you do isn’t just worth doing, but worth doing well. Everyday there seems to be a new development in public relations, with the biggest shift stemming from the use of social media. It is vital for public relations practitioners to be fluent in the uses and advantages of using social media in the best interest of the client. Paul Roetzer said this about social media, “That is the power of blogging and the social Web (aka Web 2.0). Every business, and every professional, has the ability to influence audience and affect change like never before with self-published content.” (
Another up and coming area that will grow in public relations is inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is basically a marketing strategy in which consumers are choosing to learn more about the product or company by conducting a keyword search online, subscribing to a feed, downloading information, subscribing to a company’s newsletter, watching videos about the company on sites such as youtube, listening to podcasts, and visiting a company’s social network and/or commenting on blogs or tweets.
Inbound marketing is content focused. “In order to grow smarter and faster than the competition, organizations must continually publish multi-media content online through blogs, podcasts, videos, optimized press releases, case studies, white papers, ebooks and by-lined articles,” says Roetzer.
With the decline of mainstream media, it is imperative that anyone wishing to work in the realm of public relations must understand content marketing as social media and inbound marketing is reaching the tipping point. › Marketing and Advertising

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