Sunday, November 29, 2009

Public Relations and Social Media Expertise
By Ashley Bower

According to a study in Los Angeles (2009) public relations professionals are taking the lead in managing the organization’s use of social media communication channels, and social media skills are nearly as important as traditional media relations skills when searching for and hiring public relations professionals. New media and social media communication skills are top qualifiers in today’s hiring by decision makers according to Eric Schwartzman.
According to the 2009 Digital Readiness Report, Essential Online Public Relations and Marketing Skills:
· When searching for prospective new hires, social media communications skills are nearly as important as traditional media relations skills.
· Public relations leads marketing in the management and oversight of all social media communications channels within the organization.
· Marketing leads public relations in the management and oversight of bulk email communications and search engine optimization.
· Social networking, blogging and micro-blogging skills are the three most important social media communications skills for job candidates to have, according to public relations and marketing hiring decision makers.
· Most organizations are considering hiring social media specialist. (registration is required).
With the rise in social media, public relations practicitioners must now be efficient if not on the cutting edge of new social medias. Social media is the newest way to reach an audience or target public. It is especially important when members of the intended public are less than thrilled or satisfied with the product or service. Public relations specialists are now in a position to monitor these sites and social media to discover what improvements can be made as well as what pleases the audience.

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